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About us

Rummelsberger Diakonie is a large diaconal service provider for social work in southern Germany. Its services are aimed at children, youths, families, refugees, people with disabilities and the elderly. More than 6,200 members of staff work in the areas of education as well as help for young people, people with disabilities and the elderly. Rummelsberger Diakonie performs this work at over 240 locations in around 60 cities and municipalities throughout Bavaria. 

We stand for modern and vibrant diaconal social services. Rummelsberger Diakonie is about meeting people, mutual respect and Christian values of solidarity. We are committed to helping everyone live the way they wish. We support self-determination, integration and inclusion.

What we offer

As an employee, you can expect a diverse working environment with varied activities. We are looking for motivated people who care deeply about the wellbeing of others. Here you can find an important role in an appreciative workplace. All employees are accepted as they are and are part of the Rummelsberger family. Strong employee representation helps ensure that staff enjoy a good working environment with many benefits, governed by contractual terms.

Where possible, we offer flexible work schedules with working hours accounts as well as the possibility of receiving a pay-out for overtime. Attractive bonuses and shopping discounts as well as family-friendly allowances (e.g. allowance for childcare, allowance for the care of dependents and one-off payments for special occasions) await you. In the case of a full-time position, you have 30 days of holiday leave and three additional free days every year (Day of Prayer and Repentance, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve).

Besides the high professional standards of care and support, we offer employees a broad range of training programmes as well as internal development and promotion opportunities.

We pay a fair salary

The Employment Contract Policies of Diaconal Social Services in Bavaria (Arbeitsvertragsrichtlinien des Diakonischen Werkes Bayern – AVR-Bavaria) constitute the main employment policies of diaconal social services in Bavaria. Clear assignment according to tables and levels of experience enables high planning and earnings security, taking regular tariff increases into account. Mandatory classifications according to tasks and their clear description in the AVR help provide transparency and prevent a gender pay gap. Men and women always earn the same pay for the same work according to the AVR.


Our jobs

From educators, carers for the elderly or social care workers, full time or part time, in the country or in the city, working with people of all ages – here you will find a meaningful job. Every day, you will go home with the feeling of having done some good. You will support, assist and accompany people in their daily lives and take part in their development. We are looking for specialists and assistants of any age to join us as a job starter or career changer.



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